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UPDATES - 7/18/2012


A few new names and a several favorites slap down rumbly, dark, glitchy, bass tracks which leave listeners with that euphoric bass face.
Make sure to grab this album now; 100% of the proceeds are sent to organizations helping to save animals affected by oil disasters in the gulf region.

UPDATES - 2/20/2012


D-Fault Wrist BandsIf you have any pics of you using any of hte D-Fault gear that has hit the street, send in the photos and we will send you a super special V-I-P goody kit in return. We will be using the photos for promotional purposes and will be postign themhere on our website.

send photos to info@d-faultrecords.com



Uncle Bad Touch from San Francisco, CA has just been added to the roster of
D-Fault artists. Look for a high octane set of Dubstep originals and remixes to hit the shelves .



UPDATE - 1-1-2012

Compilation Vol.2 release is right around the corner with big name artists such as Superstar Dj KEOKI, Datcyde, Mark Sandstorm, DEAD PA, Cyphonix, Ology Project, Drum Master Mike, and more! Expect to see this release by the end of summer as well as some more singles from well known and previously undiscovered artists. 2012 baby! Its heavy!


PanicFace, the new side project of Mark Sandstorm and Erik Hates Monkeys, will be coming out soon to a music store near your computer along with some other super sweet new artists on the 2nd and 3rd comps!

Can you even believe its been as long as its been since we released the first compilation?! Compilation Vol.2 will be released in about 6 weeks so hold on tight to your knickers!

Well, now you don't have to wait much longer as we are almost done with production on the 3rd installment in our compilation series.


Crayola was one of the winners of our LOOP AND SCISSOR SUPER SWEET REMIX CONTEST and he is now working with Sandstorm on getting together a tune for the 3rd comp. OMG you will love this. Dubstep madness!



Josh Small from The JKLoL and producer Mark Sandstorm have teamed-up once again to bring you tasty treats of dancefloor goodness. Electro house and fidget are the flavor, and your ears are the taste buds. Don't miss a chance to hear these two musicians tear into your speakers with sonic mastery and melodic bliss while still supplying loads of heavy basslines and distorted synth swells. If you have been enjoying the upbeat style of progressive electro, you will need this project in your iPod immediately.



Rhubarb's new album is out now on iTunes and all other good music retailers online. Complete with deep growling metal sounds and dark evil timbres that make you want to run screaming from your speakers, Rhubarb seeks to spit vomit and blood into your face while singing you demented songs about demons. This is an ultra-madness-core type of thing. Take a listen and hear for yourself on our new iPhone app!


Theatrical math rock to the extreme! Original is an understatement!

D-Fault Records' newest band, THE JKLOL, has just released their new album produced by Mark Sandstorm in Oakland, California. "For The Win" is the title of this ambitious and well thought-out team's new album. As fun as their music is, JKLOL is nothing to laugh at since they just so happen to have a full orchestra and metal band with the utmost of skill and precision! This album is available on CD and MP3 from our website and cdbaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, DigStation, Lala, etc. Buy the cd, though.... It's better. You get art and stuff...not to mention better sound quality! ;)


------------------------------- -

Featured in the song "Day" on the new album from THE JKLOL!

Cutloose's album is now almost completed! The debut Cutloose album (new glitch-hop electro breakbeat musical mashup) will be mastered and relesed very soon! Mark Sandstorm has been working with Cutloose since last november on producing an album with a fun and mostly light-hearted glitch-hop/turntablist theme. We just know you are going to love the wobbles and bleeps of this witty and fun new take on a fresh sound that everybody is raving about! Kids from SF all the way to Hong Kong have been loving sets by Dj Cutloose for past few years, particulary in Asia and Europe with lots of new USA tour dates all the time! Good times all around the globe... especially if Cutloose is on the job! Make sure to come out and see Cutloose come out from Australia to dj live in person at The DNA Lounge on June 12th!




Loop and Scissor (the new hot electro fidget house project) have a lot of releases planned for this year. They have played at events all over California, Oregon, and the east coast such as the WMC2009 (see the WMC2009 website for Mark Sandstorm being listed as a highlight of the WMC event), dance clubs, and numerous college radio stations.

The "DnB/Jungle from 1993-5" themed 11 track album, "Ninja Star Massacre" is now available on limited edition CD and on mp3. Two more releases are set for this summer break.

If you have not already downloaded their new EP for free off our DOWNLOAD page, do so now!


Heavy Knockers
have produced a now acclaimed remix for THE JKLOL which is driving crowds wild all over the globe! Heavy Knockers, made up of Producer Mark Sandstorm with help from Lazerbitch's Mad Max bring kids some of the best dance floor material we have heard in ages!    Blogs all over the world such as Shabooty.com have been qouted as loving their remix and original songs.


Thank you all for your continued support and love!


The Fluffy Rabbit Remix Compilation definately delivers the awesome with a multitude of great styles from around the world! A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to SKET-ONE for his art prizes! Also, thanks to Drum Master Mike, Kid Ikarus, Tanner Del Norte, Step 13, Dj Menace, and I Dont Want To Dance With You for their award-winning remixes! To everybody else: Good job, and stay in touch! ;)









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